Thanks to the clean layered architecture in our application, we've got a very clear interface between the user interface (just Swing widgets) and the "UI Model". In the canonical MVC mode, our UI Model is part controller and part model. It isn't the domain model, however. It's a model of the user interface. It has concepts like "form" and "command". A "form" is mainly a collection of property objects that are named and typed. The UI interacts with the rest of the application by binding to the properties.

The upshot is that anything the UI can do by setting and getting properties (including executing commands via CommandProperty objects) can be done through test fixtures or automated interfaces. Enter beanshell.

After integrating beanshell, all of our forms and properties were immediately available. Today, I worked with one of my teammates to build a beanshell script to drive through the application. It creates a customer and goes through the entire workflow. Run the script a million times or so, and you've got a great pile of test data. Schema changes? Domain model changes? No problem. Just re-run the script (and wait an hour or so) and you've got updated test data.

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