GLB Utility Code


The utilities in this package support the stability and capacity patterns from my book "Release It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software". I will be adding to this package from time to time.

This is an early release, with limited (very limited) functionality.





Requires: Java 5 or higher

In Chapter 17, I talk about transparency and the value of log files. Though they might seem antiquated, log files are still the most portable and durable form of transparency.

Unfortunately, some vendors have made some really bad decisions about how to format their log files. For example, java.util.logging uses a two-line format, by default, that completely defeats any administrator's attempt to scan the files for anomalies or problems.

com.michaelnygard.logging.SingleLineFormatter provides a one-line log formatter for java.util.logging that puts the most important information first: the severity and the time. This format is both "grep-friendly" and admin-friendly. All the salient information is arranged in columns to aid scanning, with two exceptions. The message itself trails off the right hand side, and any stack traces interrupt the flow of text. (Thus immediately calling attention to the exception itself.)

Install the SingleLineFormatter in a file or dynamically, following these instructions.