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Circuit Breaker in Scala

FaKod (I think that translates as "The Fatalistic Coder"?) has written a nice Scala implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern, and even better, has made it available on GitHub.

Check out http://github.com/FaKod/Circuit-Breaker-for-Scala for the code.

The Circuit Breaker can be mixed in to any type. See http://wiki.github.com/FaKod/Circuit-Breaker-for-Scala/ for an example of usage.


A few years ago we had a project to do in middle east. I was responsible for the technical part. We where late and had to face a lot of network and SW issues. So - solving an issue meant facing the next one. My project leader was very nervous, much more like a volcano (one eruption a day), while me and my team quietly worked hard, 16 hours a day.

Finally we did it and the project was quite successful in terms of money and customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless my project leader said to me that I was fatalistic - so he gave me the nickname. I always thought that this was a compliment ;-)

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