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97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know

O'Reilly is creating a new line of "community-authored" books. One of them is called "97 Thing Every Software Architect Should Know".

All of the "97 Things" books will be created by wiki, with the best entries being selected from all the wiki contributions.

I've contributed several axioms that have been selected for the book:

Long-time readers of this blog may recognize some of these themes.

You can see the whole wiki here.



While I wholeheartedly agree with the ethical consequences my jos as a software architect has, when it comes down to the real choices I have, it is not so easy as pictured in your article.

Mostly, I cannot decide whether a web page has four text boxes more or doesn't. It is the customer who makes such decisions (if we're speaking about the project business).

In my current project it is even more complicated, because not even our customer can rule over such things completely. Our customer is a market leader in this country, so it attracts attention of many govermental agencies and also of the general public. The product owner at the customer side has to do a crazy amount of work to balance out all that contradictory requests and requlations coming to him from inside and outside. And if I came to him with my "from usability point of view, we should...", he would just flip out I think. So I'm already grateful if he "oversees" some regulation and takes the risk of NOT having additional UI complexity on himself.

By the way, I've found your blog after reading "Release It" and I believe this is a must read book for every web developer. Thank you so much for it and I'm looking forward for your second book ;)

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